Helping Our Neighbors Recover

//Helping Our Neighbors Recover

The staff at Outdoor Resort Indio has watched as tragic, natural disasters batter our country. In times like these, many of us want to do something to help but don’t know where to start. Whether it’s the hurricanes affecting Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean or the fires in the West and Midwest, those impacted by these events need as much assistance as possible.

Sending money instead of donated items is preferred by most organizations, as sorting through physical donations takes manpower away from serving the needs of the community and there may be a surplus or deficit of items. The exception is a call for specific donations or links to retailer “wishlists”. Resources for the elderly and disabled are often stretched thin, as are food and blood banks. And don’t forget about the volume of displaced animals taken in by local humane societies and pet rescue organizations.

If you would like to join Outdoor Resort Indio in assisting recovery from these disasters, here are some vetted charities: 

Associa Cares provides charitable support to those people and communities that have been struck by natural and man-made disasters. You can donate here.

The American Red Cross provides disaster relief and services on the ground in local communities. You can donate here, as well as look up a local center where you can donate blood to replenish the nationwide supply.

The five living, former Presidents established One America Appeal to help citizens recover from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. You can donate here. United for Puerto Rico was established by the First Lady of Puerto Rico and is taking donations here. The Mayor of Houston has established a Harvey relief fund that is taking donations here. The State of Florida’s official fund for disaster relief is taking donations here.

Portlight is an organization that provides assistance to disabled and elderly persons. You can read their statement about recent disasters here and donate here. Direct Relief provides life-saving medical care and equipment. You can donate to them here.

We keep those affected in our thoughts and wish them well in the recovery ahead.

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