Pickleball Time

//Pickleball Time

With the Winter Olympics going on, I thought it appropriate to report our own Sports News.

This weekend, was the Palm Desert Senior Games. There were a total of 393 participants. The ORI Pickleball Club represented ORI in these games. The Club garnered a total of 18 Medals. Four members won two medals. Led by Mark Anderson with two Gold, Bill Bell with 1 Gold and 1 Bronze, Gary Cruize with 2 Bronze, and Scott Campbell with 2 Bronze. Also winning was Dave Webster with 1 Gold, Cindee Anderson with 1 Gold, and Ken Carlson with 1 Gold. In the Silver category, Jerry Nation with 1 Silver, Al Seguy with 1 Silver, Richard Paul with 1 Silver, Lia Halter with 1 Silver, and Denise Renner with 1 Silver. In the Bronze category in addition to those named winning two medals, Cathie Groves with 1 Bronze, and Sandra Webster with 1 Bronze. Total 6 Gold, 5 Silver, and 7 Bronze. Well Done to all Participants.

For all you non Pickleball enthusiasts, you’re probably wondering about now, what’s this got to do with me? Well, bear with me there’s more news that could have a financial impact on your pocketbook.

The USAPA, the Pickleball governing body, announced last week of the signing of a 5 year contract with Indian Wells Tennis Garden to host the USA Nationals Pickleball tournament. This will happen Nov 2 – 12, starting this coming fall. Also the West Regional Pickleball Tournament, Oct 26-28 will be held there as well. Read More.

What this means for ORI is the opportunity to rent out non occupied lots to players attending these events. Pickleball Magazine just ran an article in which ORI was featured highlighting RVer’s traveling around the country to play.

Written by; Jerry N.