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Outdoor Resorts Indio Pickleball Association (ORIPA)


Welcome to Outdoor Resorts Indio Pickleball Association (ORIPA)!  Our club was organized specifically to promote the sport of pickleball within ORI.  Our ultimate goal is to provide healthy, fun recreation and enjoyable social activities for the residents and guests of ORI.   Please review our court schedule posted on the bulletin board outside our courts for specific play days and times for our varied skill levels, and watch for our “members only” special events throughout the season (i.e. Dink and Drink tournaments, holiday parties, theme parties, etc.).  If you are a new resident or a guest to ORI and you want to know more about our pickleball schedule, learning the game, or becoming a member, please review our information here or reach out to one of our board members, Dawn Oaks, Chuck LeBlanc, Margo Kremers, Judi Carlson, or Ken Zittrer. 

We are always looking for new members to join in the fun!


Pickleball is a simple paddle game played using a special perforated, slow-moving ball over a tennis-type net on a badminton-sized court.  The ball is served underhand, without bouncing it off the court, diagonally to the opponents’ service court.  Points are scored by the serving side only and occur when the opponents fault (fails to return ball, hits ball out of bounds, etc.)  The server continues to serve, alternating service courts, until server faults.  The first side scoring eleven points and leading by at least a two-point margin wins.  For example, if both sides are tied at ten points, then play continues until one side wins by two points. 

Unique Pickleball Features:

  • Double bounce rule. Following the serve, each side must make at least one ground stroke prior to volleying the ball (hitting it before it has bounced).
  •  Non-Volley zone (aka “the kitchen”). A player cannot volley a ball while standing within the non-volley zone.

Source:  International Federation of Pickleball Official Tournament Rulebook April 15, 2016


 The ORI Pickleball Association (ORIPA) is a private club within the ORI resort.  Any owner or rental guest may join the club.  There is a $20/year fee per person when you join the club.  Fees support the purchasing of balls, court maintenance, improvements, etc.  

ORIPA puts on several themed dinners and parties during the year with music and dancing, etc.  Club membership allows you to attend these private pickleball events as long as you are a member in good standing.  Most of these events have nominal cost to participate.

The club also sponsors “Burgers on the Patio” every other Saturday throughout most of the season.  Burgers, beer, soft drinks, chips cookies, etc. are provided for a small fee.  This event is open to all residents and guests of ORI.   


ORIPA has a board of directors that serve two-year terms.  They provide the guidance for the club and decide whether to make capital expenditures for court improvements. They work very closely with the ORI Board of Directors and ORI’s General Manager.

There are several committees staffed by volunteers within the club.  They are:

  • Burgers on the Patio
  • Court scheduling
  • Lessons
  • Membership ratings
  • Maintenance
  • Rules
  • Scramble
  • Shootout
  • Social Activities

Each committee has a chairperson(s) and a liaison on the ORIPA board.


More and more of the ORIPA members are playing in local tournaments and even tournaments out of state.  We will be trying something new this year.  We will post players that are looking for tournaments partners on our bulletin board by the courts.