Vibrant Colors All Around

//Vibrant Colors All Around

One of the things Outdoor Resort Indio is known for is our gorgeous landscape, and we take pride in that! Each year, we work on upkeep and improving the grounds of the resort so our residents and guests can enjoy the same beauty on the resort grounds as they see surrounding the resort. From the lush green of the grass and hedges to the bright pinks, purples, and yellows of the flowerbeds, we hope you’ll love the work we’ve put in!One area that requires vigilant upkeep is out golf course, and the greens look amazing! We know you’ll enjoy playing the greens, just please remember to fill the divots when you play.  We’ve planted thousands of colorful flowers throughout the resort. The resort adjusts watering times during the winter season, so as not to over-water. This allows the flowers to mature and means brighter, fuller blooms.  We encourage our residents to join us in planting flowers, unless they have desert landscape. If you’d like to join in this beautiful tradition, make sure to have your flowers planted in the front planter no later than December 1st. We look forward to vibrant beds of all colors throughout the resort! We love maintaining a lovely home for our residents and guests! You can get information about upcoming events on our website,, and make sure you like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the know!